PostHeaderIcon Wiffle Ball Rules

1.     Equipment

1.1.    Only official Wiffle balls may be used

1.1.1.    At the desertion of league officials, alternate balls may be used    All balls used for a game must be of same make and style; no mixing of balls

1.1.2.    Cracked balls must be retired by placing in the home run derby bucket or heaved into the woods    Newbies that retrieve cracked balls, thinking they were the only rocket scientist to see the 50 balls sprinkled throughout the woods will be ridiculed and must do no less than 2 penalty shots

1.2.    Only official Wiffle bat may be used

1.2.1.    Traditional slender yellow plastic bat

1.2.2.    Older wooden (woody) produced by Wiffle are permitted    Weather conditions may require a temporary halt of using Woody

1.2.3.    Navaho novelty bat has been given a temporary exception and may be used  Weather conditions may require a temporary halt of using Navaho

1.3.    Footwear

1.3.1.    All players are limited to the following footwear: Barefoot  Socks only  Basic sneakers

1.3.2.    The following footwear is prohibited:  Spikes  Work boots  Irrigation spikes (jackass)

1.4.    Strike zone

1.4.1.    The strike szone should measure as follows  23-28 inches across    26-30 inches high  14-18 inches above the ground  The strike zone must be pitched so that the bottom of the strike zone is 14-18 closer to the pitcher than the top of the strike zone

1.4.2.    The Strike-O-Matic 1000 should be used when available

1.4.3.    When the Strike-O-Matic 1000 is not available, a chair matching the measurements should be used

2.     Teams

2.1.    Teams may be configured as follows:

2.1.1.    Three-Man    Pitcher and two fielders  Additional players may bat, but not field  While not an official rule, it is highly recommended to limit the amount Jimmy plays the field

2.1.2.    Two-Man  Pitcher and one fielder    Additional players may bat, but not field

2.1.3.    One on One on One  Three players, each playing against each other  The two non-batting players rotate who pitches    Rotating is not mandatory  The fielder that has the most runs reserves the right pitch if they so desire

2.2.    Within a game, all teams must have the same number of fielders

2.2.1.    E.g. If there are five (5) players, you may play two (2) versus three (3) however each team may only have a pitcher and one (1) fielder; the team with three (3) players must sit one (1) player when it is there team is fielding

2.2.2.    There may be exceptions to this rule if both teams so desire

3.     The Field

3.1.    Sombers field is the official field of Wiffleville

3.1.1.    Alternate fields may be used based on the approval of league approvals; so long as there is at a minimum – beer.

3.2.    Official Measurements; measurements may vary between left, center and right field

3.2.1.    Pitcher’s mound shall be 40 to 45 feet from home plate

3.2.2.    Singles line shall be 40 to 50 feet from home plays

3.2.3.    Doubles line shall be 60 to 75 feet from home plate

3.2.4.    Triples/Homer line shall be 75 to 100 feet from home plate